Southeast Missouri is important to this state and to its residents.....yet Jefferson City seems to not understand that. I will work for that to improve. Our politics in our state have gotten embarrassing. We need officials elected on their morals, experience, kindness and based on their efforts to improve your lives (not their own). We don't need out of state billionaires electing our Missouri officials.

  • Farmers are important.
  • Educators are important.
  • Seniors are important.
  • Kids are important.
  • The sick are important.
  • All races are important.
  • All income levels are important.
  • Good paying jobs are important.
  • Balancing the budget is important.
Registering to vote is important so register and take a friend to the polls on election day. Agreeing on facts is important and that face is being threatened daily. Our money is important to watch, but we can't be in a race with a state like Kansas to the bottom. With all the recent tax cuts and bad spending choices, our kids are not getting the money they need for education.